Where did everything go on my Website? My Website Crashed.

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Yes, My Website Crashed. As you may have noticed, all the beautiful well thought of posts with all those great photos and informative drawings, diagrams, and other related materials are all gone! (Insert Blog Owner Crying Pic Here)

My Website Crashed

Since the very beginning of my blog, I have been using the same hosting provider. I made sure to follow all of their directions and perform all the tasks ritually concerning backing up my files and my website.

As you can probably tell by looking at the amazing “Lack of content,” on my website you should be able to deduct that something went wrong. A simple phone call to tech support verified that thought.

Alt=man with thumbs up
The Folks at RegisterGeek.Com are Awesome!

So, what is the solution? Well, it’s rather simple. Just pay them a couple of thousand dollars, and they will happily restore my website to its former grandeur.

Well…… That’s not going to happen! Or at least not while I have any breath in my lungs!

So, don’t worry! In addition to the “Automatic Backups” that I paid Godaddy… Oops, faithfully every single month, I did my backups of all my content. So, in a short while, I will finish restoring everything.

So what do we all have to look forward to? More content, because I now have “Unlimited” bandwidth, Videos, Free Downloads and tons of other goodies.

Oh, and by the way.. I said goodbye to GoDaddy forever! I’ve since moved to https://registergeek.com who after hearing of my plight through a mutual friend agreed to help me restore my website.

So, hang in there. They can only go as fast as I can get them the info and I’ve been so busy its going to take a Little while.

Five Things To Do Before Your Website Crash

  1. Make Sure your Hosting Company performs a scheduled back up of your entire website daily. When done properly, this will overwrite the oldest backup and keep only the newer one(s) freeing up web space.
  2. Make sure that the backup is saved in the cloud, on a separate server and that you have access to that backup. You should set up a daily download of that file to your own backup locations.
  3. Utilize an external hard drive and a memory stick to hold your own personal backups as well as the professional backups done by your hosting company. Redundancy is important here.
  4. When creating content, always leave a copy of the finished product in your backup, this way if all else fails, you can at least upload the content again. A very important note is to add the Permalink that your website created when posting the story. Without that permalink readded to the replacement upload your views are going to have numerous problems finding the posts that they saved and this is going to hurt your S.E.O.

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